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What Is Bugging Your Garden?

Many gardeners have a love-hate relationship with the bugs in their garden. There are insects that are undeniably beneficial and great residents, as they enhance pollination, improve soil quality and defend plants against more aggressive, harmful bugs and other wildlife.

We've come up with this Spring To-Do List: Plan your garden layout on paper and develop a planting schedule. Ask us for a FREE planting chart for your vegetable garden! Plant "cold crop" veggies, such as peas, cabbage and broccoli. Clear debris from the base of roses, shrubs, lawn and flower beds. Apply a fresh layer of mulch. Fall leaves and debris can hold diseases that might over-winter. Check your soil pH in the lawn and garden. Take a sample to your extension office or purchase a self-test kit. Amend your soil to obtain the desired pH that's right for what you are growing. Work in a layer of organic soil amendment to your vegetable garden. May we suggest Read More Spring To-Do List

Time to Seed Your Lawn

Over time, every lawn can look worn and thin, but how do you know when to reseed your lawn so new grass can grow into thick, healthy, luxurious turf? An Unhealthy Lawn When your grass starts to show wear, it isn't always time to reseed.