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Fire Wire Skewers and Skewer Marinating Kit by Urban Accents. Fire Wire's flexible cable style skewer allows you to effectively use the space on your grill. Secures more than twice as much food per kabob than a straight skewer!

Real Wood Products is the largest distributor of Used Whiskey Barrel in the United States and Canada. Whether you're looking to add texture or a pop of color, a unique and popular choice is the Half Wine Barrel. Pick one up today from Waynesboro Landscaping & Garden Center.

  • Manufacturer: Suncast
  • SKU: 277525
  • Model Number: SC3250

Suncast's 18-inch Snow Shovel features a shovel/pusher combination with an ergonomic S handle to reduce stress on your back and get the job done! Stop by Waynesboro Landscape & Garden Center to pick up the quality snow shovel/snow pusher you're looking for.

  • Manufacturer: Ames True Temper
  • SKU: 178541
  • Model Number: 1600100

The Ames poly scoop is ideal for the transport of all materials, loose and bulky.  It is durable and lightweight for snow removal. Northern hardwood handle for strength and durability. This SnoZone Poly Scoop is well made to help you with the tough jobs!

  • SKU: 149817

All-natural, fast-acting Sure Paws doesn't irritate pets' paws or skin, and clears driveways and walkways quickly and efficiently. This premium ice melter was developed using a patent-pending formula, and is also gentle on lawns, shrubs & vegetation when used as directed. Melts ice to -15°F/-26°C

  • SKU: 108096

Woodfield, 7-1/2', Market umbrella with crank & tilt by Courtyard Creations.

  • SKU: 615136

This professional-grade hose cart makes hose use and storage easy. It features a heavy-duty steel tube frame with gray powder-coating, basket and leader hose. 

  • Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions
  • Model Number: BMASON1

The Perky-Pet® Mason Jar Glass Hummingbird Feeder and Waterer Set will ensure your hummingbirds are well fed and hydrated all season long! Add rustic style to your yard with this picture-perfect hummingbird feeder and waterer combo.

  • Manufacturer: Woodstock Chimes
  • SKU: WWS

This fine tuned Chime adds a beautiful soothing sound to the great outdoors!

Our Original Hummingbird Swings™ are that final touch for any hummingbird garden and your hummingbirds are sure to love them too!

This amazing line of silicone products are top sellers! Lids, Boil-over Rings, Hot pads and much more.

Fun and functional for all of your kitchen activities, these original designs will remind you of one of nature’s most basic truths: the freedom to create.

  • Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions
  • SKU: 349503

The Perky-Pet® Upside Down Finch Feeder features six upside-down perches for a wacky way to feed your wild birds. It is also designed to keep away house finches, so you are feeding goldfinch only. Hanging birdfeeder.

  • Manufacturer: WoodLink Birding Products

Magnum Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder is a durable and weather resistant feeder that allows clinging birds to feed either by perching on the feeder tray or clinging to the 1/4" vinyl coated wire mesh tube.

  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm
  • SKU: CK64050

Grow healthier seedling starts. Increase germination success. Better humidity control for optimum growth.

Industrial strength poly combo snow shovel with a strong, vinyl-clad steel, D-grip handle. Lightweight for ease of use. Made in the USA. Rugg Manufacturing.

  • SKU: 681152

Rugg Poly Combo Blade Snow Shovel has a 18" wide blade that acts as a standard show shovel but has a curve to it at its top so it acts as a show pusher too. Has a vinyl covered steel handle with D-Grip. This is light weight making it easy to use.

  • Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation
  • SKU: 535427
  • Model Number: 210P

Glass Pinchwaist Bottle With No Drip Base, 4 Feeding Stations, Detachable Perch. Made by Perky Pet - The Woodstream Corporation.

  • SKU: 110615
  • Model Number: CS1-NS2-SS-1

Utilitarian and stylish, this solar-powered, all-season stainless steel and glass sphere light will add a touch of style as it lights your landscape. Swich between a natural white LED light and a color-changing LED. Includes 1 "AA" Ni-Mh rechargeable battery.

Beer Can Chicken Cooker and Spices by Village Gourmet. Just in time for Father’s Day! This vertical roasting rack holds a seasoned 12 oz can of beer inside the seasoned chicken. After seasoning a chicken inside and out with this rub and adding it to a 12 oz can of beer, roast the chicken vertically on this rack for a moist and flavor-seasoned chicken. Place a cooking pan under the roaster to catch the drippings.

  • UPC: 078978873704
  • Manufacturer: Perky-Pet Wild Bird Solutions
  • SKU: 737

Acrylic version garden sip & seed feeder. Decorative bronze finish with copper accents.

  • UPC: 028375137015
  • SKU: ACS

This fine tuned Chime adds a beautiful soothing sound to the great outdoors!

Made by Penang International. Can be left out all winter.