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  • Manufacturer: Kringle Candle Company

We picked this variety and produced a crisp, tart flavor that honors this most popular apple. Use this fresh scent in any room of your home or office!

  • Manufacturer: Kringle Candle Company

We picked this variety and produced a crisp, tart flavor that honors this most popular apple.

A savory delight! Our customers just can't get enough. Belmont's Artisan Single Dipped Choco Covered Peanuts. Our super extra large Gourmet Peanuts have been cooked, salted and coated with a delicious chocolate.

Delicious mixture of smoky, sweet and spicy flavors. Our Artisan Chipotle Spiced Peanuts are a top seller! They are a delicious mixture of smoky, sweet and spicy flavors that will leave you wanting more and more.

Excellent blend of Parmesan Cheese & Rosemary on our Gourmet Virginia Peanuts. Delicious and distinctive, our gourmet Virginia peanuts are generously coated with a mixture of Parmesan Cheese & Rosemary.

Belmont's Artisan Sea Salt Virginia Peanuts is a delicious blend of our Gourmet Peanuts hand tossed with natural Sea Salt.

Sloggers® Garden Shoes are second to none! Made in the USA these premium garden clogs are so comfortable you will want to wear them all day! We are pleased to have expanded our collection to include Weatherproof Rainboots (check out our new colors) and Uni Garden Sandal.

Our functional and versatile rain and garden boots are here to keep you dry while splashing through the rain and the much! These boots feature a high quality premium insole for maximum comfort, cotton liner and are 100% waterproof. The wide opening makes it easy to tuck your pant cuff into the boot.

Best Selling Garden Author Mel Bartholomew has done it again! The book All New Square Foot Gardening is here at Waynesboro Landscape & Garden Center. Grow more in less space, saving money and producing a higher yield. Look in our “Events” when we will have a FREE seminar to explain the “how to’s” of raised bed and square foot gardening!

This amazing line of silicone products are top sellers! Lids, Boil-over Rings, Hot pads and much more.

Fun and functional for all of your kitchen activities, these original designs will remind you of one of nature’s most basic truths: the freedom to create.

Deco Mesh by A & B Floral is perfect for any craft, floral arrangement, basket, or gift. It's a great accent item and comes in an assortment of different colors.

BGC – C5301 Bamboo with rubber palm gloves are made of rayon from bamboo, nylon, and lycraperfect.  The natural rubber latex palm coating offers impressive support.  These gloves are perfect for chores, construction, and working with hand tools.

An ingenious cable-style grilling skewer that makes grilling easier than ever before! This fantastic product will surely be a hit on Christmas Morning! By Inno Labs

  • Manufacturer: Willow Tree
  • SKU: 26245

May luck and laughter light your days! 5.5" H figurine sculpture.

  • Manufacturer: Willow Tree
  • SKU: 26244

Willow Tree® hand-carved sculptures speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. 5.5" H.

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