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  • Manufacturer: Green Thumb Brand Lawn & Garden Products

You want your landscape to be as beautiful as possible and Waynesboro Landscape & Garden Center will help you cultivate a healthy, thriving lawn & garden.

  • Manufacturer: Plantation Products Inc

Get a jump start on your garden by starting it inside!

  • Manufacturer: Havahart

Havahart's Deer Off Deer Repellent kit includes 6 stations that tripper the flight response in deer. It's waterproof and safe to use in your vegetable garden! 

Real Wood Products is the largest distributor of Used Whiskey Barrel in the United States and Canada. Whether you're looking to add texture or a pop of color, a unique and popular choice is the Half Wine Barrel. Pick one up today from Waynesboro Landscaping & Garden Center.

  • Manufacturer: Myers Industries, Inc.

These complete kits contain everything you need to plant your seeds and begin to grow faster and healthier than ever before. Get a jump start on your garden by starting it inside!

  • Manufacturer: Monterey Lawn & Garden
  • SKU: 245343

Dormant and growing season insect spray. 
Kills all accessible stages of listed insects, including eggs! For use outdoors on fruit and nut trees, in home greenhouses, and indoors on houseplants.

  • Manufacturer: Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Products
  • SKU: 701810

32-oz. Concentrate, Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed, Protects Against Insects, Including Japanese Beetles (adult), Emerald Ash & Bronze Birch Borers, & Destructive Caterpillars, Including Gypsy Moths & Tent Caterpillars For Up To 1 Year Plus Feeds Up To 3 Months, Works Systemically & Protects New Growth, Easy To Apply, Rain Proof, With Free Measure Up Cup.

  • Manufacturer: ECOSMART
  • SKU: 159053

Safely kills and repels over 100 Insects. Unlike other insecticides, it is made from organic plant oils and kills bugs naturally to better protect your family. Plus, there’s no pesticide residue. Safe to use around CHILDREN and PETS!

It’s safe. It’s effective. It’s smart. Naturally.

  • Manufacturer: Scotts
  • SKU: 161512

3.5 lb, tree & shrub control, kills listed insects that damage trees, broad spectrum systemic insect control, kills emerald ash borer, aphids, leaf beetles, leafminers, scale, whiteflies, & other listed insects, provides season long protection, active ingredient: dinotefuran.

  • Manufacturer: Lebanon Seaboard Corporation

Preen Weed Preventer stops weeds from germinating in flower and vegetable gardens, in ground covers and around trees and shrubs. Preen will not kill existing weeds. It will prevent new weeds from sprouting – eliminating the need for difficult and time-consuming hand-weeding. Without weeds, your valuable plants can grow larger and stronger.
Your beds will stay neat and weed-free all season long!

  • Manufacturer: Sweeney's

A single application in the Spring protects sprouting plants and new growth for the entire growing season. Active ingredient is protected in a heavy-duty, patented repellent station. Triggers the flight response in deer. Safe to use around children and pets. The repellent is continuously released from repellent station, triggering a deer’s instinct to avoid predator activity.

  • Manufacturer: Bonide

A complete liquid fruit tree spray containing Captan 12%, Malathion 6%, Carbaryl .3% and a spreader sticker. Simple to use. Keeps insects away! Produce better fruit and stretch your garden dollars. Excellent for the home orchardist.

Helps homeowners conserve water and reduce water bills. Holds up to 54 gallons of water. Measures 24" dia x 32" h. features safety grid and removable debris screen. Built in 4 foot hose with thumb valve stores neatly in slot at top of the barrel. Overflow hose diverts excess water away from your house. Made of durable, UV-stable polyethylene. Link two or more together in seconds - a fool-proof linking kit is included with every barrel, so you can add capacity as your garden expands.

  • SKU: 112777

When applied, Wet and Forget Moss/Mold/Mildew and Algae Stain Remover immediately attacks that unsightly moss, mould, & grime. Then Mother Nature takes over. The weathering process gently takes the decomposing material away bit by bit without scouring the surface it has infested.

  • Manufacturer: Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Products
  • SKU: 819185

 Growing beautiful Roses, Flowers & Shrubs has never been easier! 

3 systemic products in one: Insect control– Caterpillars (granules only), Japanese Beetles (adult), Aphids and other listed pests. Disease control– Black Spot, Powdery Mildew, Rust and Southern Blight. Fertilizer– Promotes strong roots and beautiful blooms.

  • Manufacturer: Terro Pest Control Products
  • SKU: 818203

Arm yourself against ants - including fire ants - and other annoying insects with this unique, ready-to-use ant dust. The waterproof dust won't wash away in the rain and will remain effective up to eight months. 

  • Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions

Plump and juice tomatoes fed the organic way!

Best Selling Garden Author Mel Bartholomew has done it again! The book All New Square Foot Gardening is here at Waynesboro Landscape & Garden Center. Grow more in less space, saving money and producing a higher yield. Look in our “Events” when we will have a FREE seminar to explain the “how to’s” of raised bed and square foot gardening!

  • Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions
  • SKU: 143999

Turns hydrangeas blue. Lowers the pH of soils and allows acid-loving plants to achieve optimum growth. Long-lasting, highly-effective. Safer than Aluminum Sulfate, and non-toxic. In 6 lb. bags.

  • Manufacturer: Bayer Advanced Lawn & Garden Products

Kills insects and prevents new infestations for 12 months plus provides slow-release fertilizer. Kills Adelgids, Borers, Emerald Ash Borers, Leafminers, Japanese Beetles (adult) & many others. Easy to apply. No spraying! Mix & pour at plant base. Contains MERIT.

  • Manufacturer: Bonide

Protects homes and gardens from the "population explosion" of stink bugs around the country. Our dual action pheromone lure in its controlled release dispenser lasts 4 weeks and attracts/traps both Brown Marmorated and Green Stink Bugs up to 50 feet away.

BGC – C5301 Bamboo with rubber palm gloves are made of rayon from bamboo, nylon, and lycraperfect.  The natural rubber latex palm coating offers impressive support.  These gloves are perfect for chores, construction, and working with hand tools.

  • Manufacturer: Anthony Forest Products
  • SKU: 107861

Leaf rake features polyethylene rake and varnished, recycled Hardwood handle.

  • 24" length.
  • Polyethylene rake
  • Varnished, recycled Hardwood handle
  • 24" length

  • Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation
  • SKU: 141917
  • Model Number: 3500

Terro 16 oz. aerosol Stink Bug Killer. Effective on stink bugs, box Elder bugs & lady Asian beetles. Quick killing action, non-staining with no unpleasant odor.

  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm
  • SKU: JSV4

Ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants. Grow seedlings faster with 15-20% more lumens. Simple toggle clamp for easy lamp height adjustment. Super easy assembly. Internal reflective finish directs more light to plants. 24" interior width.