Answers to some of the questions people ask most.

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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the cost for landscape work calculated?

Our Landscape Designers provide a free upfront estimate based on the number of hours estimated to complete the job plus the cost of the plants and materials. 

2. What are your payment options?

We accept credit cards, debit cards, personal checks and cash.

3. Does your Garden Center offer delivery of mulch, top soil, gravel, etc…and is there a fee?

Yes, we offer FREE delivery of all those products if the location is within 5 miles of our store.  For any delivery in excess of 5 miles, we charge $4.50 per mile (only charge one way) for each mile.  For example, if the delivery is 8 miles away, we would charge $36  (8 x $4.50)

4. Will the Garden Center come plant a few trees and if so, at what price?

Yes, if the job is small enough where a full Landscape Crew is not warranted, our Garden Center teammates can plant for you.  The planting fee is a minimum of $125 or the cost of the plants, whichever is greater.  This does include our soil amendment Bumper Crop and any stakes that are needed.

5. Does someone need to call Ms. Utility?

Yes, it’s required.  We will contact Ms. Utility if Waynesboro Landscape & Garden Center is contracted to install the trees / plants.  Ms. Utility has up to 72 hours to complete their work prior to installation.

6. What are your Garden Center hours?

Our Garden Center is open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

7. Do you offer classes on gardening and / or landscaping topics during the year?

Yes, we hold classes throughout the year on such topics as Preparing Your Garden For Spring, How to Make a Christmas Wreath, How to Care For Indoor Plants, Everything You Need to Know About Caring For Succulents etc…

8. Do You Sell Stone Products?

Yes, we sell a variety of stone products by the pound, piece and / or by the pallet including:  Flagstone, Fieldstone, Belgium Blocks, Western Mountain Stone, Colonial Snap Edge, Irregular Pavers, Irregular Flagstone, Creed / River Rock (flat or round), and Boulders. 

We also offer Pea Pebbles and River Pebbles in ½ Cubic Feet Bags as well as Rip Rap, 57’s, Gravel, and Crusher Run in Bulk.

9. How Much Does Mulch Cost?

$45 per scoop in Bulk.  We also have Bags of Mulch including Pine Bark, Black, Brown, Cypress, and Pine Bark Mini Nuggets

10. Do You Offer Native Plants

Absolutely!  We are dedicating an area of our property as Native which will include Trees, Shrubs, Annuals and Perrenials.